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The Vision and Leadership of Advance Guard Solutions

We are redefining construction management with a unique focus on owner's representation and consulting services. In the dynamic educational sector, we stand strong as the advance guard, leading the charge to enhance facilities and services.


Many superintendents face complex challenges, overseeing multi-million-dollar projects with limited expertise. That's where we step in, offering our acumen in construction, engineering, and education to navigate these complexities. Our commitment goes beyond project oversight; it's about consistent and transparent communication, ensuring success from inception to completion. By partnering with us, superintendents can focus on education, leadership, and continuous learning.


Why Advance Guard Solutions? 

Our name, Advance Guard Solutions, draws inspiration from military definitions, aligning seamlessly with our values, vision, and mission. An "advance guard" in the military is sent ahead to find gaps, clear opposition, and prepare for operations. Similarly, we serve as the pioneers in finding solutions, advocating for our clients, guiding them through challenges, and ensuring protection from start to finish.

Nick Anderson CEO of Advance Guard Solutions

Meet Nick Anderson

Founder and CEO of Advance Guard Solutions


A distinguished combat veteran and an unwavering leader, Nick brings two decades of global expertise in construction and engineering management, marked by his exceptional service as a Contract Officer Representative in the US Army.

Nick's engineering prowess covers civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical domains, setting the stage for comprehensive project oversight. In his recent role as the Director of Operations for a prominent school district in Central Iowa, he showcased unparalleled leadership, overseeing nearly $300M in capital projects. His responsibilities extended to managing custodial, facilities, maintenance, and security teams, demonstrating his multifaceted capabilities.


What truly sets Nick apart is his unique edge – a bridge between the private and educational sectors. With experience in both realms, he acts as a conduit, seamlessly navigating the distinct challenges each sector presents. Nick's access to a network of preferred vendors adds an invaluable dimension to his services. You're not just hiring Nick; you're gaining access to a network of professionals with a proven track record. Collaborate with Nick Anderson for a project management experience that leverages his expertise, networks, and collaborative leadership, ensuring success in every endeavor.


Our Future Vision


Advance Guard Solutions envisions a future marked by expansive growth and unwavering commitment. Our goals include securing contracts with school districts statewide, expanding our reach to encompass all public and private entities, beyond the realm of education. Fueled by industry trends and client needs, we plan to broaden our suite of services, ensuring versatility and adaptability. To realize this vision, we are dedicated to expanding our team, welcoming Business Development and Sales experts, Project Managers and Coordinators, and additional Owner's Representatives into the Advance Guard family.

Our future is defined by excellence, innovation, and a steadfast pursuit of client success.

Our Pricing Method

The cost of these services can fluctuate based on several determinants, including the project's intricacy, the range of services provided, and the unique requirements of the client. Below are some general parameters and typical fee arrangements:

Percentage-Based Pricing: Fees are set as a proportion of the overall project cost, usually ranging between 2% to 10%.

Hourly Billing: For more compact short term projects.
Fixed Fee: For specific services or particular project stages where the tasks are clearly outlined, a predetermined fee might be the best approach. 
Recurring or Retainer Fee: For prolonged projects or continuous consultancy.

Outcome-Driven Pricing: The fee structure can be tied to particular project results or benchmarks.
Additional Costs: Over and above the principal fees, clients might be invoiced for out-of-pocket expenses pertinent to the project, like travel, accommodation, printing, and other related expenditures. 

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